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      Power Module Solutions

      • Robust and reliable solutions
        supporting systems from
        20 W to 7.5 kW

      • Wide-breadth of innovative

      • Enables designers to save board
        space, increase efficiency, and
        reduce cost and engineering time.

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      Sub-1 GHz Connectivity Solutions

      • Designed to provide maximum
        performance with ultra-low
        power consumption

      • These solutions combine RF and
        baseband components, ultra-low
        power microcontroller technology
        and support for high performance
        firmware stacks on one chip

      • Development tools to simplify the
        entry into high-performance

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      Innovative MOSFET Solutions

      • Comprehensive industry-leading
        portfolio of low, medium, and high
        voltage FETs

      • Vast selection of packaging
        options tailored for optimal
        system performance

      • Best-in-class performance, high
        FOM, and pin-to-pin compatibility
        for ease of use.

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