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      Providing unparalleled expertise to leading car manufacturers, industrial customers and OEMs for almost 100 years, Panasonic continues to research, develop and manufacture key electronic components and solutions across the automotive industry.

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      Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors

      • Long life and low ESR compared to
        general types

      • High ripple current

      • Ideal for smoothing

      • Suitable for Industrial applications.

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      Grid-EYE® Infrared Array Sensor

      • 64 pixel IR temperature camera in
        an all-in one compact SMD

      • Measure accurately surface

      • Detect hotspots, track people and
        objects standing or moving

      • Suitable for occupancy detection,
        industrial temperature   
        measurement, medical and
        lighting applications.

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      Automotive Qualified Resistors

      • Corresponding to AEC-Q2000

      • High power in small case sizes

      • High performance & stability over
        life time

      • Downsizing, cost saving

      • Ideal for Automotive & Industrial
        reliability applications.

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