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      IZF Fan Type Ionizers

      • Portable fan type ionizers
      • Highly versatile in use
      • No need for air supply
      • Modular design
      • Extensive and rapid neutralisation
      • Easy flow rate adjustment

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      AF Modular Style Air Filters

      • Cost effective
      • Clean looking solution
      • Protects you pneumatic system and increases lifetime of valves and cylinders

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      ISE30A - Digital Pressure Switches

      • Dual colour display
      • Available with PNP, Analogue voltage or Analogue current outputs
      • Improved copy function also allows to simultaneously set up to 10 slave monitors whilst setting the master
      • Password setting functionto keep unwanted manipulation to an absolute minimum
      • Include a power saving function, which reduces energy consumption by up to 20%

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      IZF Ionizers - Benefits at a Glance


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