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    Arduino Starter Kit, K000007
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    Arduino Uno Starter Kits

    The Arduino Starter Kits featuring the Arduino Uno microcontroller board, are available in 2 language versions - English (761-7355) and Italian (790-7009).
    Primarily an educational tool for beginners with little or no experience of Arduino and electronics, the starter kits are also suitable for the more experienced designer.
    Using the included Arduino Projects Book, users can gain step-by-step knowledge on code, circuits and bread-boards via 15 suggested projects (although the starter kit is not limited to these projects). Projects range from a 'get to know your tools' introduction, a light theremin where you can create a musical instrument with your hands to a touchy-feel lamp that senses touch.

    Click on the tutorials video above. Massimo Banzi, co-founder of Arduino, can introduce you to each of the projects featured in the Starter Kit.

    We also have a range of Arduino videos on our video channel on YouTube.


    1) Learning the tools
    2) Spaceship interface
    3) Love-o-meter
    4) Colour Mixing Lamp
    5) Servo-motor Mood indicator
    6) Light Theremin
    7) Keyboard
    8) Digital Hourglass
    9) Motorised Pinwheel
    10) Zoetrope
    11) Magic 8-ball
    12) Knock lock
    13) Touch Sensor Lamp
    14) Tweak the Arduino logo
    15) Hacking buttons

    Supplied with

    Arduino Project Book, Arduino Uno rev.3 microcontroller board, USB cable, breadboard, wood base. 9V battery snap, 70 hard cables, 2 flexible cables, 6 photoresistors, 3 trimmer d10KOhm, 10 pushbuttons, 1 temperature sensor, 1 tilt sensor, 1 LCD (16x2i), 1 white LED, 1 RGB LED, 8 red LEDs, 8 green LEDs, 8 yellow LEDs, 3 blue LEDs, 1 CC motor 6/9 V, 1 servomotor, 1 piezo, 1 H bridge, 2 photocouplers, 5 BC547s, 2 IRF520s, 5 100nF capacitors, 3 100uF capacitors, 5 100pF capacitors, 5 1N4007 diodes, 3 transparent jellies, 1 male strip connector, 20 220 Ohm resistors, 5 560 Ohm resistors, 5 1 kOhm resistor, 5 4.7 kOhm resistor, 10 10 kOhm resistor, 5 1 MOhm resistor and 5 10 MOhm resistors.

    AVR Microcontrollers, Atmel

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