Hammond enclosures

Hammond Enclosures

Hammond has a global presence in the enclosure market, it provides local support and high quality service to customers around the world. Specialising in the development and manufacture of aluminium, plastic and steel enclosures for mobile and handheld devices, desktop devices, small control elements and similar electrical and electronic applications, its investment in High-performance production equipment and its continuous improvement of management techniques guarantee high-quality products. The wide range of styles and materials offered, in addition to feature-rich designs, provide an accessible, plug-and-play solution to meet most enclosure design requirements. Moreover, when it comes to small and medium quantities, it allows engineers to choose a specific standard part in order to save time and money during the design phase. In addition, the assortment of options for mounting and accessories makes Hammond the go-to manufacturer for all your enclosure needs.

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1552 Series

Hammond 1552 Series Enclosures

  • Ergonomically designed for a comfortable fit into the user’s hand.
  • Ideally suited for mounting printed circuit boards.
  • End panels are removable for easy modification, or can be replaced with specially designed rubberised cord grips.

Hammond 1557 Series Watertight Enclosures

Hammond 1557 Series
  • Ergonomically designed wall mount enclosures
  • Can be used in a tabletop configuration or two wall-mount configurations
  • End panels are removable for easy modification
  • Ingress protection up to IP68
  • Multiple fixing options with mounting lugs supplied

Hammond 1557 Series

An introduction to the new Hammond 1557 Series of Enclosures

Hammond Extruded Aluminium Enclosures

A wide range of ergonomic aluminium enclosures designed to house PCB's and other electronic equipment. Sealed and unsealed versions available.

Extruded Aluminium

Hammond Die-Cast Aluminium Enclosures

Strong, versatile and easy to machine. Wide selection of sizes and styles including flanged and watertight.

Die-Cast Enclosures

Hammond Plastic Enclosures

With designs from small to large, handheld to watertight and shielded, Hammond's ranges of plastic enclosures are sure to meet your requirements.

Plastic Enclosures

Hammond Sheet Metal Enclosures

A large selection of sheet metal enclosures in steel and aluminium. Designs include sloped consoles, junction boxes and instrument cases.

Sheet Metal Enclosures
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