Limitless Bonding.
For Limitless Repair

LOCTITE offers maintenance solutions for equipment and facilities in all industries. With a broad range of products, LOCTITE can help you overcome immediate repair and maintenance problems and help
you prevent future breakdowns and failures.

Featured Products

For Limitless Repair. Universal Structural Bonders

  • Allows design flexibility
  • Simplified production process
  • Simplified product selection for both assembly and repair
  • Fast fixture to increase throughput or minimize downtime
  • Increased reliability & durability of the application or repair
  • Improved health & safety benefits for users

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Solutions for compressed air systems

The LOCTITE Air Leak Prevention Program provides:

  • Air Leak Detection
  • Air Leak Documentation & Calculation
  • Air Leak Repair
  • Air Leak prevention Trainings

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Five good reasons for using Loctite 55

1. Fast and easy to use
2. Pipe joints can be re-adjusted reliably
3. Approved for all common applications including cold and hot water, potable water, Gas (LPG), temperature up to 130° C and pressure up to 16 bar
4. Recommended for all materials including metal and plastic joints
5. Neat and clean application

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