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Pico Technology

Pico Technology - PC oscilloscopes, data loggers and more.

Based in Cambridgeshire in the UK, Pico Technology was founded in 1991 and has rapidly grown to become the global leader in PC connected test equipment.
With regional headquarters in the UK, Texas and Shanghai, Pico is able to supply and support customers around the world. Products include oscilloscopes, data loggers, vector network analysers, and signal generators. Easy to use, full featured, software is available free of charge or software development kits (SDK) are available with drivers and examples in a wide range of programming languages including MATLAB and LabVIEW. Pico Technology, James House, Colmworth Business Park, St Neots, Cambridgeshire, PE19 8YP, United Kingdom. Tel: +44 1480 396 395. Web: https://www.picotech.com

Featured products

Pico CM3 Current Logger

Pico Data Loggers

  • Pico data acquisition products provide a straightforward answer to your data logging needs.
  • Our data loggers require no power supply, simply plug into a USB port on your PC or Raspberry Pi. Great for the lab or out in the field.
  • Every logger is supplied with PicoLog data acquisition software so you can measure, record and analyse your data.

PicoScope 6000E Series oscilloscopes

PicoScope 6000E Series
  • Deep memory, high-performance oscilloscopes
  • 4 or 8 analogue channels plus 16 digital channels (optional)
  • Up to 1GHz bandwidth, 8-bit or 12-bit FlexRes® ADC
  • 50MHz 14-bit arbitrary waveform generator
  • 21 serial protocol decoders as standard

Introducing the New PicoScope 6000E Series

Take a look at the new PicoScope 6000E Series Oscilloscopes.

PicoScope 2000A&B series compact 'scopes

Low cost, small size, big performance. 2 or 4 channels and MSO versions. Signal generator and serial bus decodes standard. B series provide deep memory.

PicoScope 2000A&B series

PicoScope 5000D series

PC Oscilloscopes up to 200MHz with 8 to 16 bit flexible resolution. 2 or 4 channels and MSO versions. Signal generator and serial bus decodes standard.

PicoScope 5000D series

PicoScope 4444

High resolution, differential/isolated input PC oscilloscope. Two kits; low voltage or 1000V cat III.

PicoScope 4444

PicoVNA Vector Network Analysers

High performance, portability and low cost 6GHz & 8.5GHz VNA's.

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