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  • €304.19Each
RS PRO Mini Vacuum Cleaner for Small Particles, 3m Cable, 220 → 240V ac UK Plug (VAC3000C)
  • Model NumberVAC3000C
  • ApplicationSmall Particles
  • Dry Capacity4.6L
  • Vacuum Cleaner TypeHandheld
  • ColourBlack
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  • €45.47Each
RS PRO Window Vacuum Cleaner for Window Cleaner, 3.6V UK Plug (EDS0574)
  • Model NumberEDS0574
  • ApplicationWindow Cleaner
  • Vacuum Cleaner TypeHandheld
  • ColourRed
  • Bag/BaglessBagless
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  • €11.811 Box of 10
RS PRO Vacuum Bags x10
  • For Use WithCVC370, EVR370, GVE370, HET160-11, HET200, HET200-11, HET200A, HHR200, HHR200A, HVC200, HVR160-11, HVR200, HVR200-11, HVR200-12, HVR200A Eco, HVR200M, HVR200P, HVR200T, HVR204, HVR204P, HVR240-11, HVR370P-22, HVX200, HVX200A, HZ360, HZQ200, HZQ250, JVC200, JVC225, JVC235, JVH180, JVP180, JVP180A, JVR225, MFQ300, NB200, NNV200, NNV204, NQS200, NQS200T, NRV200, NRV200-11, NRV200-C2, NRV200T, NRV204, NSP180A, NSP200A, NSR200A, NST220A, Numatic NVM1CH:AVQ250, Numatic NVM2BH:AV380, NV200, NV250, NV300 to NV475, NVE3, NVH180, NVH200, NVP180, NVP200, NVQ200, NVQ200T, NVQ202, NVQ204, NVQ250, NVQ250B, NVQ250T, NVQ252, NVQ254, NVQ402, NVR200, NVR375, PPR240, PSP180A, PSP200A, PVR200A, PVT220A, RSAV130, RSAV200, RSV123P, RSV130, RSV130M, RSV130P, RSV130T, RSV134, RSV200, RSV200M, RSV200P, RSV200T, RSV204, RSV204P, VNP180, VNR200, WV370
  • Number of Bags10
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