Manual Sanding & Sharpening

When power sanding is unsuitable for precision jobs, we offer a variety of abrasive hand tools, blocks, sandpaper sheets and accessories for grinding, smoothing or whetting. Top brand names include 3M, Norton and RS Pro.

When should I use manual sanding blocks, cloths or sharpening tools?

  • Abrasive blocks work much like traditional sandpaper for hand-finishing wood or cleaning/polishing metal components. They’re flexible enough for tight spaces or curves, offer a comfy grip, and can be washed and reused many times.

  • Abrasive cloth rolls an effective sandpaper alternative for wood, metals, composites and paint. Choose from non-woven glass paper, aluminium oxide or silicon carbide rolls in a range of grit sizes.

  • Abrasive hand pads and sponges are a popular steel wool alternative for light-duty cleaning, prep work and finishing on wood, fibreglass, vinyl, plastic, concrete or ceramic. They offer a smooth finish without altering the shape of a workpiece as heavier-duty wire brushes or sandpaper can.

  • Honing steels are used for balancing, rather than sharpening, worn blades - although they’re also known as sharpening steels, sharpening rods/sticks, or butcher steels, and your blade will usually appear sharper after use. Our manual honing tools are made from durable diamond-coated steel.

  • Sharpening stones (including India stones) are for grinding, honing and whetting blades. Oil stones/water stones use lubricant to remove swarf (metal filings); diamond stones provide a harder abrasive face.
We also sell sandpaper and abrasive cloth sheets in many sizes, grits and grades, plus a range of manual sanding tools and accessories:
  • Hand sanders, sponges and holders for large horizontal areas
  • Pole sanders for ceiling, roof or floor work
  • Rasp sanders and abrasive files for precision removal of surface materials
Whether you’re looking to clean up plasterwork or metals, produce an extra fine finish on wooden surfaces, or hone a blade to a perfect cutting edge, we stock a range of quality sanding and sharpening products to get the job done right.
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