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    Bin Lids & Bin Dividers

    Bin lids and bin dividers are useful accessories to improve and organise equipment and storage systems, both at home or in a work environment.

    Bin dividers are a handy tool for enabling storage bins to be separated. It is a cost effective way of making use of current storage containers, rather than having individual bins, saving a great deal of space. Each separator is matched to a certain bin size ensuring a perfect fit to prevent any movement, this guarantees small items such as screws and bolts will not be mixed with each other.

    Bin lids are for use with storage bins allowing you to store components safely, securely providing a complete storage system. The lids are mostly made from a clear material providing you access to see what is stored inside the bin without opening the lid. Storage bin lids are designed to lift easily and to be removed as required. Various sizes are available to fit a wide range of bins.

    Uses and Applications

    • Warehouses and factories
    • Industrial uses
    • Home or office environments
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