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    Dispensing Guns

    Dispensing guns are devices that are designed to dispense a wide range of assembly fluids, from two-part adhesives, silicone and epoxy to pastes and gel. Within our range, we have dispensing guns suitable for fluids in cartridges, dual cartridges and syringe barrels.

    Types of Dispensing Gun

    There are various types of dispensing guns available such as;

    Sealant guns - are simple devices also known as caulking guns or cartridge guns. These dispensing guns help the manual application of a desired amount of sealant as a line or for filling gaps. Simple standard sealant guns can hold 310 ml or 400 ml cartridges, but models designed for specific cartridges up to 1500 ml are also available.

    Two-part cartridge guns - are designed to dispense adhesives that are supplied in two-part cartridges systems. The cartridges are loaded into the gun and a mixing nozzle is attached. The nozzle provides a controlled manual application with simple hand pressure.

    Epoxy Guns - provide a precise and efficient way to dispense adhesives, each dispensing gun is designed to be used multiple times and allows the user to professionally apply epoxy for bonding materials such as steel, glass and various plastics. Some models have an ergonomic design to reduce fatigue from constant pressing and beneficial for hard to reach areas.

    Adhesive Syringe Guns - are lightweight and designed to dispense adhesives of different viscosity from syringe barrels of various capacity. Designed with pistol grip handles to reduce hand fatigue, pressing the trigger moves the piston mechanism in the applicator and dispenses the amount of adhesive required.

    Cordless Dispenser Guns - a range of pneumatic and electric guns are also available with powerful motors for various type of high flow applications.

    Gun Accessories - Our range also includes batteries for the cordless dispensing guns.

    Applications of Dispensing Guns

    Dispensing guns are widely used in the home and many industries. Typical applications of dispensing guns include;

    • Home DIY
    • Industrial
    • Automotive Industry
    • Construction
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