Strain Gauge Accessories

Strain gauge accessories provide the support needed to maximise performance in all strain gauge applications. Accessories include adhesives, convertors, cables and amplifiers.

What are strain gauge accessories used for?

To obtain good measuring data in electrical resistance strain gauges it's important to have the right strain gauge accessories. There are a number of accessories available to support a wide range of applications. For example, gauge terminals create a connection between a strain gauge and a lead wire to protect the strain gauge leads from breaking off. A strain gauge mate is used for applying consistent pressure to a bonded strain gauge.

How to choose the right strain gauge accessories

The quality of measurement is not just dependant on the strain gauge itself, but on the accessories used alongside it. It's therefore important to choose the correct strain gauge accessories for optimum performance. The type of strain gauge you're using for an application will determine the type of accessory you'll need.

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RS Stock No. 435-692
PCB Strain Gauge Amplifier Strain Gauge Amplifier
RS Stock No. 846-171
Strain Gauge Amplifier 5 Wire Strain Gauge