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    Speaker Grills

    To protect the speaker and ensure lasting sound quality, a speaker grill is highly recommended. Whether constructed of soft material or hard plastic or metal, a speaker grill is the most assured way of protecting the speaker driver from impact, and even the ingress of foreign objects from the speaker internals.

    Speaker grills can be known to compromise the quality of sound from a speaker, so a compromise must be reached that consider both the protecting of the speaker, and the quality of sound for the user. In public environments, however, where risk of impact or ingress is high, speaker grills are the norm.

    The RS Range of speaker grills contains ABS and metal grills designed to fit a variety of speaker sizes, and are easily attached either by screw or clip-on construction.

    Features and Benefits:

    •Easily affixed

    •Long term speaker protection

    •Cost Effective

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