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    Digital Cameras

    Digital cameras are handheld electronic devices which capture and store images and sometimes video. The majority of compact cameras that are available today are digital, meaning that they store image files in a digital format. Digital cameras usually have a built-in screen to provide a preview of the photograph.

    Types of Digital Camera:






    Compact Thermal

    How do Digital Cameras work?

    Once you press the button on a digital camera, the light goes through an open aperture and through the camera lens. These light rays are converted into electrical signals by a CCD (charged coupled device) or a CMOS image sensor. These sensors detect the light coming in and store the data as a string of numbers which contains pixel information.

    What happens to an image once I have taken it?

    Once images have been captured, they can be retrieved by connecting the digital camera to a PC. They are connected by cable or later camera models feature a built-in Wi-Fi connection for image transmission. Alternatively, the camera can be connected straight to a hard drive for storage or a printer.

    What is DSLR?

    DSLR stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex. A DSLR camera works by passing light through the lens to a mirror which in turn sends the image to a viewfinder or image sensor. DSLR cameras are usually more expensive than traditional compact cameras and are more popular for professional photography.

    What is a Bridge Camera?

    Bridge cameras sit between the compact camera and the DSLR. They often look like a DSLR but do not feature interchangeable lenses. However, they do have manual controls such as speed and aperture.

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