PCB LED Indicators

PCB LED (Light Emitting Diode) indicators are light-producing components which serve as lighting sources on aluminium printed circuit boards (PCBs). These indicators have paired-up charge carriers (diodes) located in a semiconductor to generate light without producing too much heat.

What are PCB LED indicators used for?

PCB LED indicators are energy efficient, environmentally friendly and resistant to dust and moisture. They have improved heat transferring (diffusion) attributes. This makes them suitable for use in computer machinery like power devices, drives and central processing units, helping to keep heat away from sensitive parts.

In the automotive sector, these indicators are used in headlights, brake lights and for warning light purposes.

The medical industry also makes use of PCB LED indicators in the form of warning lights. These safety measures ensure that life-saving equipment is working correctly.

Types of PCB LED Indicators

Two main types of PCB LED indicators are available:

  • Single point or block indicators can be used on multiple surfaces and in a variety of product applications.
  • Integral or surface mounted PCB LED indicators can be attached to the same connector tail of the switch which increase ease of installation and usage.

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Description Price LED Colours Number of LEDs Mounting Type Supply Voltage Number of Pins Viewing Angle Dominant Wavelength LED Orientation LED Material Dimensions Length Width Height Configuration
RS Stock No. 888-6436
Mfr. Part No.SSF-LXH240IGD
Each (In a Pack of 500)
Green, Red 2 Through Hole - 2 60 ° 565 / 635 nm - - 4.32 x 10.93 x 9.65mm - - - -
RS Stock No. 888-6467
Mfr. Part No.SSF-LXH340YYYD
Each (In a Pack of 500)
Yellow 3 Through Hole - - 60 ° 585 nm - - 15.24 x 13.93 x 4.32mm - - - -
RS Stock No. 888-6455
Mfr. Part No.SSF-LXH340GGGD
Each (In a Pack of 500)
Green 3 Through Hole - - 80 ° 565 nm - - 15.24 x 13.93 x 4.32mm - - - -
RS Stock No. 888-6464
Mfr. Part No.SSF-LXH340IIID
Each (In a Pack of 50)
Red 3 Through Hole - - 80 ° 635 nm - - 15.24 x 13.93 x 4.32mm - - - -