LED Lighting System Components

LED lighting system components enable users to design, build and install an almost infinite range of different LED lighting setups for most household or workplace rooms. Important component parts of any LED lighting system will include a variety of LED modules, housings, drivers and accessories.

What LED lighting components are available?

We stock an extensive catalogue of lighting modules, bezels, flexible arrays, driver accessories and more, allowing you to create advanced lighting setups from scratch. Among the most popular products in this area are:
  • COB LEDs - COB stands for chip-on-board. COB LEDs are compact LED modules consisting of multiple LED chips/dies on a single substrate, providing higher LED density than traditional mountings while eliminating the need for multiple soldering. They’re ideally suited to both high and low bay lighting rigs, as well as LED downlight and spotlighting systems.
  • LED bezels are a type of housing used to mount and secure LEDs in a professional-looking installation. The bezels hold the LEDs themselves in a pre-drilled slot, creating a clean and tidy look, and are sold in a broad array of sizes for housing various LED types to suit a wide range of environments.
  • LED drivers and driver accessories are the parts of the system that provides constant current control in high brightness lighting setups. They’re incredibly efficient in operation, and provide a range of additional functions in addition to their simple power interface - these might include PWM dimming control, thermal shutdown protection, low voltage current regulation and more. Examples of LED driver accessories include dimmers, repeaters, power supplies, bridges, resistors, splitters and clamps.
  • LED lenses allow for repositioning and reshaping of LED optics, creating more focused and intense lighting output at a more practical range of angles than the default 180 degrees. They offer greater control over your LED arrays in terms of positioning for directional illumination/reflection.
  • LED strip lights are lighting components consisting of multiple LED mountings aligned in a row, and are commonly found in residential, commercial and industrial spaces of all sizes. They can either be sold on flexible strips (also referred to as LED tape), or in a rigid array (also known as LED modules).

We also stock a wide variety of LED mounting hardware for the installation, fitting and operation of LED lighting systems and products. These hardware components include many sizes and varieties of LED holders, brackets, clips, nuts, rings and covers.

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