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    Subracks are storage devices designed to be placed as part of a standardised 19-inch rack and are often used to house electrical equipment. They are used with 19-inch racks and can be enhanced using other rack accessories to construct a rack to the desired specification. Subracks are also known as Chassis cases, rack mount chassis and card cages and important part of the enclosures family. Subracks are measured using horizontal pitch (HP) for their width, and simple units (1U, 2U example) for their height.

    Basically, a rack mount subrack or rack mount chassis is a narrow, smaller rack enclosure used to store and install rack and computer equipment. The subrack enclosure or chassis fits inside a larger19-inch rackmount case or rack cabinet.

    What are subracks used for?

    19-inch racks are common across many industries for storing electrical equipment. Subracks can be used in applications ranging from the housing of military telecoms equipment, to use in the transport industry, and in applications relating to test and measurement. PCB (printed circuit boards) as euro boards use a subrack for installation, as do the 19-inch plug-in units (PUIs).

    A 19-inch chassis is a subrack which is used for horizontal board mounting. Non-standard components and equipment mounting like a transformer or heavy load accessories, also using a chassis mounting plate.

    Types of subracks

    Various sizes and dimensions of chassis are available (horizontal pitch, depth and units) and the material they are made from. This depends on what equipment you need to house. The metals used in their construction range from aluminium to stainless steel, to zinc, according to how strong the subrack needs to be.

    Rackmount cases and subrack systems may require accessories to complete and installation from DIN rails, connectors, front panels, back and side panels, handles, rack drawers, rack cases, rack modules, kits and many more are available.

    Subrack and rack mount chassis Protection

    Ranges of rackmount cases, subracks and chassis provide your equipment with protection and shielding from EMI (electromagnetic interference), EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) plus they are also subject to regulated standards and IP rating. Manufacturers, for example Schroff, offer various shielded and unshielded subracks.

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