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    Rotary Dampers

    Rotary dampers are mechanical components that operate like mini-gears to slow down or inhibit the motions of moving pieces of machinery. They enable the controlled opening and closing of flaps, caps, lids and covers in machine equipment. The dampers slow down circular movement to absorb impact, vibration and noise that may damage the equipment or prevent them from working at their best.

    The damped stop gates on these elements prevent noise and vibration from entering the machines. The high viscosity fluid inside the dampers absorbs the external shock and vibration. Rotary dampers are more durable than linear dampers because they are sealed permanently.

    What are rotary dampers used for?

    Rotary dampers are used in a wide range of applications and industries that manufacture products like cabinets, vehicles, CD players and even toilet seats. Any product or device with a lid, hinge, pull-out drawer or flap can use these components to facilitate a smooth opening and closing motion.

    Types of rotary dampers

    RS offer a wide range of Rotary dampers to suit your every need. The dampers can have fixed or variable damping (absorption) rates.

    Features and Benefits

    • Maintenance-free
    • Easy to install
    • Continuous rotation
    • Damping in both directions
    • Steel or plastic outer body
    • Various number of gear teeth, 101 11 and 12
    • Various PCD (Pitch Circle Diameters)
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