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    Trolley Wheels

    A trolley wheel is an essential component for various types of trolleys, carts and other material handling units and equipment. They are designed to provide smooth and efficient transportation of goods, making the job of moving heavy loads much easier.

    Not all trolley wheels are the same, so you must understand the different types available, and what factors you need to think about when selecting a wheel for your application. When choosing a trolley wheel there are a few things to consider, some of the most important are:

    Load Capacity

    The load capacity of your trolley wheel is probably the most important, so it’s vital to choose wheels that can support the intended load. It refers to the maximum weight that the wheels can support. When choosing them it is essential to select wheels with a higher load capacity than the weight of your trolley or cart and its contents.

    Wheel Type

    The type of wheel you choose depends on the application and environment. There are various types, some of the most common are:

    Polyurethane Wheels

    Combining durability with excellent load-bearing capacity, polyurethane wheels are resistant to chemicals and oils. These robust wheels make them perfect for a wide range of industrial applications such as construction, manufacturing, and food processing.

    Rubber Wheels

    Rubber wheels provide excellent traction and are well known for their shock-absorbing properties. They offer a smooth and quiet ride making them ideal for indoor use, delicate surfaces, or carpeted floors. They are commonly used within logistics, material handling, offices, and hospitals.

    What is the Difference Between a Trolley Wheel and a Castor?

    While often used interchangeably, there is a difference between trolley wheels and castors. A trolley wheel is the actual rolling part made of rubber, nylon, or other materials. A castor, on the other hand, refers to the entire assembly which includes the wheel, mounting bracket, and swivel mechanism that allows the wheel to turn. So, a trolley wheel is a part of a castor, but not all castors are trolley wheels.

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