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    Plastic Rods

    Plastic rods are commonly used for machining within a commercial or industrial environment. They can also be used display stands, fixtures and for small hobby projects and as aesthetic display pieces.Our plastic rods boast a large variant of tensile strengths based on their size and material. This must be considered when purchasing to ensure durability in the final application. When looking for a specific type of plastic rod, you have the option to choose between the variety of plastic materials, lengths, diameter and colours.As well as tensile strength, plastic rods can be rated by their impact and cross breaking strength helping to ensure safe application. Flammability and melting point are also factors to consider when using plastic rods for industrial purposes where prolonged use or change of open flame occur.

    Types of Plastic Rods

    There are numerous plastic rods available depending upon your specific requirements. The more commonly used are acrylic rods, nylon rods, nylon bars, delrin rod (acetal homopolymer), PTFE rod and acetal rods.

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