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    Etching Trays

    Etching trays are plastic containers designed for a range of developing tasks during the etching of printed circuit boards, such as soaking paper or developing photosensitive plate. They are strong enough to be used with all the normal concentrations of acids that are used in etching processes. Etching trays have ribbed bottoms to ensure easy paper removal.

    What are etching trays used for?

    These trays are ideal for all PCB etching and developing, as well as polishing and washing activities involved in PCB processes. They can hold acid, alkali or water, and are typically made from PVC. Etching trays are available in a wide range of sizes and colours.

    How are etching traysused?

    Plastic pliers are usually supplied with etching trays to allow for the easy adjustment or lifting of films and circuits, and to avoid the chance of any direct skin contact with the substance. The trays are conveniently stackable and have a range of maximum working temperatures. Their strong plastic construction also prevents any leakage.

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