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Water Fed Brushes

Water fed brushes and kits are an ideal piece of window cleaning equipment, suitable for light and heavy-duty cleaning. These brushes are designed to supply a constant feed of water when connected to a water hose or pole while you perform cleaning tasks. Water fed brush heads offer superior cleaning, quick and easy operation and often feature a telescopic pole for extra reach.

Why use a water fed brush or kit?

  • Water fed pole for cleaning high areas
  • Ideal for use with vehicles, windows, buildings and more
  • On/Off water feature
  • Comfort and easier grip
  • Easily connects to a hose
  • Soft bristles to prevent damage
  • Can be used with various water based cleaner solutions

Why would you need a water fed brush?

Water fed brushes reduce cleaning time and feature soft cleaning bristles to prevent damage. They are ideal for safe cleaning of windows, PVC doors, vehicles or delicate surfaces. Water fed brushes and poles are also perfect for cleaning hard to reach areas safely and effectively.


Water fed brushes, poles and kits are typically used by professional window cleaners and used in conjunction with pressure washer components such as hoses and lances. They are perfect for cleaning:

  • Caravans and motor homes
  • Cars
  • Conservatories
  • Window Cleaning
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