Multi-purpose Wipes

Multi-Purpose Wipes have a wide range of uses and there is a wipe available for any type of clean-up. The multi-purpose wipes are available wet or dry and wet wipes are packed in sealed containers to ensure that they are received ready to use. Some of the wipes can be used repeated times and are washable. Wipes are available in 1, 2 and 3 ply providing various thicknesses of wipe dependent on the cleaning purpose. The multi-purpose wipes can be used within personal, commercial and industrial environments.Applications:General cleaningAutomotiveCleanroomDelicate cleaningDisinfectingDryingDust removalElectrical and engineering cleaningESD SafeFood industrySanitisingGlass and mirror cleaningGrease, grime oil, resins, varnishHandsHeavy-duty cleaningIT equipmentMedical purposesMop up oil and liquidsLens cleaningOffice equipmentPolishingPrinter head cleaningThe wipes are truly multi-purposePackaging:Bags – dry wipesBoxes – wet and dry wipesBuckets – wet wipesPacks – wet and dry wipes Rolls – Dry wipes, each sheet perforated, economical, use as much or as little as requiredSachets – wet wipesTubs – wet wipes Various colours available:Beige, black, blue, green, grey, multi-colour, orange, red, white, yellow.Ply:1 Ply = 1 layer of material1 Ply = 2 layers of material3 Ply = 3 Layers of materialWipes are available by size, number of wipes per pack, for repeated or single use and ply. Repeated use multi-purpose wipes can be washed and reused as required. Wet wipes are normally for single use and disposable.

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Description Price Trade Name Application Package Type Number of Wipes per Pack Colour Wiper Size Wet/Dry Repeat/Single Use Ply
RS Stock No. 613-1481
Mfr. Part No.CP400
1 Box of 50
ChemPad Electrical, Electronic, Office Equipment Cleaning Box 50 White 760 x 1020mm - - -
RS Stock No. 407-7953
Mfr. Part No.6709
ECONOWIPE Equipment, Non-Critical Cleanroom, Spillage Cleaning Bag 300 White 229 x 229mm - - -
RS Stock No. 408-2517
Mfr. Part No.6704
ECONOWIPE Equipment, Non-Critical Cleanroom, Spillage Cleaning Bag 1200 White 102 x 102mm - - -
RS Stock No. 407-9640
Mfr. Part No.6209
Poly-Wipe Cleanroom, Polishing Critical Surfaces Bag 150 White 229 x 229mm - - -