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    Floor Scrubbers

    Floor scrubbers offer a great way to clean and dry flooring while maintaining safety of the environment by drying instantly as you go along. This feature makes it useful in public areas, as drying can take a long time and limit the use of an area. Tank capacity varies between models, but most can hold a modest amount, making it easier for you to cover extensive areas of flooring without having the back-and-forth emptying/filling. Floor scrubbers are designed with accessories in mind, you can find a large range of brushes and replacement parts available which are easy to install and maintain.

    How does a floor scrubber work?

    A floor scrubber takes the effort out of brushing and moping a hard floor surface. Bristles rotate to scrub the floor with added cleaning solution to enhance the scrubbing to lift dust and dirt from the surface. A vacuum is then used to lift the dirty solution from the surface, leaving you a clean and dry floor for walking on. Floor scrubbers are great for high-traffic areas as they thoroughly clean the area swiftly and effectively, leaving a spotless dry finish.

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