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    Mops, Mop Heads & Sweepers

    Mop, mop heads and sweepers are used to clean flooring within domestic, commercial and industrial environments. We use them with a cleaner to remove dirt and dust effectively. Made from various materials and shaped depending on what surface they are required to clean.

    Floor mops and sweepers are essential tools for workplace hygiene. Whether in food handling environments, medical facilities or a factory floor, mops and sweepers are essential for sanitising floors and clearing dust and debris.

    Types of Mops and Sweepers

    Flat mop and Microfibre mop heads offer a better cleaning experience because of their polyester and polyamide combination. They are non-abrasive and are hypoallergenic. Microfibre mops are suitable for general purpose cleaning and sanitary applications. The static produced also attracts and holds on to the dirt.

    Dust Mops are often used for managing spills, cleaning and dusting applications. RS offers dust mops that are lightweight and durable, with telescopic handles for further versatility.

    Sponge Squeeze Mops are highly absorbent sponges that can be wrung out with a lever action, these squeeze mops are ideal for mopping up spills on vinyl, tile and laminate floors in kitchens, or anywhere that a spillage might present a potential hazard.

    Scissor Sweeper mops are ideal for clearing up heavy dust and light debris on all kinds of hard flooring. Though meant for more heavy-duty applications, their soft mop heads mean they can also be used on more delicate surfaces, such as on a natural wood floor.

    Mechanical floor sweepers can clean up crumbs and dust from carpeted areas without the noise generated by a vacuum cleaner and they are able to operate without electricity. Often used in restaurants and hotels as a hygienic way to address cleaning needs without disturbing guests.

    What floors cannot be mopped?

    Hard floors can usually by mopped but it is worth noting that some floors require special cleaning as water can damage waxes wood floors and unsealed wooden floors. Some chemicals can also cause damage to stone tiles so a microfibre mop and water may be best for this type of floor.

    RS offers a range of floor mops, sweepers, brushes and buckets from leading brands at competitive pricing. Whatever your cleaning and janitorial requirements, we have the equipment to suit your needs.

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