Galvanising Paints & Sprays

Galvanising paints and sprays provide a protective coating to metals in both indoor and outdoor environments. Galvanising paints and sprays can be used on untreated steel or surfaces that have already been galvanised. They are quick drying, high in zinc and have excellent anti-corrosion properties.ApplicationsGalvanising paints and sprays can be applied direct to rusted metal to improve the appearance and create immediate protection from the elements. Some paints and sprays are also effective for preparing rusted metal surfaces with a smooth base ready for re-painting.Galvanised metal paint is formulated to be applied onto non-rusting metal such as aluminium, copper and brass. Special heat adapted paints can be used on cranes, garage doors and barbecues.Interior metal surfaces within the home can also benefit from galvanised paints, such as radiators, fridges, fire surrounds and hot water pipes. Galvanised paint can withstand temperatures of up to 600°C.

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