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    Hand Sanitisers

    Hand sanitiser is an alcohol-based liquid, gel or foam which is applied to the hands to sanitise them. Hand sanitiser is an important part of everyday hand-hygiene to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. With the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic this has never been more important. Washing your hands with soap hand wash and water is preferred but, when this is not possible, hand sanitiser is a great alternative. Hand sanitiser or hand sanitiser wipes can also be used to add another layer of anti-bacterial, germ and infection control protection.

    Our range of hand sanitisers are available in all sizes from handy pocket-sized sanitiser for while you are on-the-go, or large sanitiser dispensers. There are also hand sanitiser sachets for individual use. Some hand sanitisers feature additional ingredients such as fragrances, aloe vera and other moisturising agents. Effective hand sanitisers should be a minimum 60% alcohol.

    Types of Hand Sanitiser

    • Gel - A popular choice for hand sanitiser, hand gel can be applied straight to the hand and rubbed in until it is dry.
    • Liquid - This form of sanitiser can be used in a spray bottle too for a different method of application.
    • Foam - Usually in a pump bottle, foam sanitiser is easy to rub around the hands and it does not slide off as easily as gel.
    • With or without a fragrance.

    How to store hand sanitiser?

    Always keep hand sanitiser away from direct sunlight. It must be stored in a cool environment.

    Dispenser types available?

    • Sanitiser tube
    • Bottle
    • Sachet
    • Cartridge
    • Cassettes
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