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    A squeegee or squilgee is a durable hand-held device which removes liquid from a smooth surface like glass, to make it cleaner and leave a streak-free surface when it dries. It consists of an ergonomic handle and a smooth blade often made from neoprene or FDA approved rubber. Some squeegees have a sponge to soak up water from a bucket and apply to dirty windows.

    Types of Squeegee

    • Window - The most common is a window squeegee used for window cleaning. It has been designed to remove water and cleaning fluid from a smooth glass surface. The water and soap solution applied to the window helps to release the dirt, the squeegee is then used to remove the water and dirt off the glass leaving a cleaner surface. The cleaning of high windows is possible by using an extendable (telescopic) pole.
    • Floor - A floor squeegee is similar to a window squeegee except for the fact it has a long handle. A floor squeegee is used to clean floors after they have been sprayed with liquids or to push water down into drains. Floor squeegees are used in places that either need the floors hygienically cleaned regularly, such as meat departments in supermarkets and military barracks, or in hospitals to clean up any spills that occur in patient rooms or operating rooms.
    • Condensation - A condensation squeegee either has a scoop or contains drain holes to effectively remove condensation from pipes and ceilings. The condensation can then be drained through an attached hose or simply poured away.

    How to use a squeegee

    There are several methods used for removing the fluid from surfaces. The fan or swivel method is used by professionals and uses strokes and turns in opposing directions to hold and move the water away from the edge of the squeegee. When completed there is no water or dirt left. Straight strokes however are normally much more efficient. Chamois leather cloths are used to touch up any spots that could be missed.

    If water is being left behind it could be that the rubber blade is worn out and needs replaced. Replacing a blade is quick and easy, the only thing to consider is the shape and size of the blade you are replacing.

    Squeegees are supplied in various shapes and sizes as they can be used in many industrial environments, and in the household for cleaning shower doors, wet rooms, bathroom tiles, and garage floors.

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