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    Self-Clinching Captive Studs

    Self clinching captive studs are fasteners made from steel and plated with zinc, which are used for threaded stud attachments in thin sheet metal applications.

    What are self clinching captive studs used for?

    Self clinching captive studs can be squeezed into sheet holes using any standard press equipment. The studs then become permanent parts of any material into which they are installed, such as panels, chassis or brackets. This feature reduces installation time, as other parts like screws, nuts and bolts are no longer needed.

    These studs occupy less volume than caged nuts or anchor nuts, which makes them beneficial in areas where space is limited. They also have more holding power than sheet metal screws and can be removed easily for reuse elsewhere.

    Types of self clinching captive studs

    Self clinching captive studs are available in a wide variety of types, and choice of stud depends on its purpose use. Studs are chosen based on thread sizes, hole diameter compatibilities and the thickness of the material that they need to penetrate.

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