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    Clamps are tools designed to hold objects tightly in place while work is in operation but can be also used as handles to provide a solid grip for moving or holding uncomfortable objects, such as boards or thin plates. Clamps hold objects tightly to prevent any unwanted movement or separation.

    These simple tools are usable in almost any environment, such as garages, factories and workshops, and are ideal for carpentry, welding or metalworking. You can also buy a combination of clamps within a set that use a combination of threaded bolts, T-slots and step blocks to build up a secure hold between the workpiece and a slotted machine work table.

    Types of clamps

    C-clamps or spring clamps are the most popular types, but there are also many designed for specific tasks such as angle clamps or sash clamps. Some clamps have a quick release trigger so that they can be used one-handed, allowing the user to support the workpiece as it is released from the clamp's hold. Screw clamps use a screw mechanism to adjust the jaws and clamp a workpiece in place. Some clamps can also be turned into spreaders by changing the pads around. Most of them are used as a temporary solution but permanent options are also available.

    You should always use a clamp which is a suitable size to hold your workpiece, as there is a chance of bending the frame and damaging the screw or the workpiece if an inappropriate size is chosen. The size can be measured by its jaw opening (how far the mouth of the jaws can open) and the depth.

    We offer a great range of sizes up to 1250mm jaw opening and 410mm jaw length. It is also important to decide whether you need light-duty, medium-duty or heavy-duty clamps for the project you are working on.

    Most popular clamp types:

    • C-Clamp / G Clamps – are the simplest models designed to hold workpieces in place and prevent any movement. Due to its simple build and small size they can be used almost anywhere. They are ideal for woodworking or welding.
    • F-clamps – are similar in operation and build to C-clamps but have a wider opening capacity.
    • Sash clamps – are mostly used in woodworking due to its specific build. Slides are moving on the rail and clamp the object placed between them. Pressure and tightness are controlled by a screw placed at the head of the clamp and can be easily adjusted by turning.
    • Bar clamps – have a long metal bar for holding the jaws. Ideal for long or wide workpieces.
    • Corner clamps or angle clamps – ideal for clamping objects at an angle like picture frames.
    • Toggle clamps – designed to have one clamping plate and works in conjunction with a worktop.
    • Band or strap clamps – designed to hold circular, square or irregularly shaped objects.
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