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    Air Curtains

    An air curtain is a device designed to be mounted above or on the side of the door covering the full entrance width. Air curtains provide an invisible barrier that separates the internal and external environment and stops cooled air escaping in the summertime or heated air from escaping in the colder months. Using Air Curtains is the most convenient and comfortable way of separating different temperature zones without interrupting people's traffic.

    How do air curtains work?

    Air curtains produce fast-moving airflow that blocks air movement through the area entrance. By stopping the air movement, air curtains can reduce heat loss, seal the building from the environment and saves energy. It is very important to fit the width of a device in a doorway, as incorrectly installed barriers may produce a weak air stream and stop air movement. 

    What are the features and benefits of using air curtains/over door heaters?

    Energy cost savings

    Air curtains help to maintain heating and keep premises cool

    Because air curtains warms the door entrance area, it often allows doors to remain open for longer, promoting increased business in commercial applications and can equally be used as high-level fan heaters where the need arises.

    Pest and insect control

    Air curtains act as a barrier against pollution, airborne dust or odour

    Barrier against fire smoke

    Allow doors to remain open, reducing the risk of collisions and increases visibility

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