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    Smart Bulbs

    Smart Bulbs

    When you require a replacement or new light bulb consider a Smart bulb. These have internet compatible light bulbs which are easily customised and controlled remotely. Part of the workplace and home automation, and Internet of Things (IoT) range of products available at RS. Our range of smart bulbs offers you same functionality you'd expect from a traditional light bulb, plus some modern hi-tech features to offer you convenience, flexibility and efficiency. They allow you stay in control of your lights where ever you are.

    Why Choose a Smart Bulb?

    Control of your lighting - Smart bulbs are integrated with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Zigbee which can enable automation in the environment. Smart bulbs can be individually controlled through a mobile app or a central hub, allowing smart light bulbs to be programmed to change their output in a specific location or time. You not only have control over turning the bulb off, but with smart lights you can control the colour and the brightness (depending on the model) to reach the optimum level of ambiance for your environment.

    Improve efficiency - Smart bulbs like Smart lighting will improve efficiency and therefore saving money on energy bills. The lighting technology isn't any more efficient than standard LED light bulbs, but it's the ability to control the light from your device. You could turn all the lights off in one command, meaning you wouldn't leave one light on, not only saving money but the environment.

    Do Smart Bulbs need Wi-Fi to function?

    Installing a smart bulb will work immediately, like a traditional light bulb. However, you will need a wireless connection for full functionality of the smart light bulb.

    Smart Bulbs can help support a healthy building by improving Lighting

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