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    Chain Splitters

    A chain splitter, also referred to as a chain rivet extractor or chain breaker, is a chain tool used to remove the pin on a roller chain, allowing you to shorten or lengthen chain links during repairs or adjustments. Chain splitter tools are commonly used with bikes and are available in a wide range of designs to suit various chain types and pitch ranges.

    What are chain splitters used for?

    Chain splitters are commonly used for maintenance of roller chains and bike chains. They are also ideal for use with chains found in the food, mining, automotive and agricultural industries.

    How do chain rivet extractors work?

    Most chain rivet extractors use a screw-operated mechanism to remove pins from a roller chain. They typically feature a cradle that can be used to either partly or completely remove a chain pin, or to loosen tight links.

    For repair, shortening or elongation purposes, you would insert the chain into the cradle, ensuring the pin of the extractor hits the rivet of the chain. You would then turn the handle of the chain extractor all the way through until it extracts the pin of the chain, so that you can take it apart.

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