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    Heat Seal Tubing

    Also known as poly tubing or polyethylene tubing, heat seal tubing is designed for packaging and sealing a wide variety of materials. This continuous tubular film is suitable for storage and transportation, protecting items from dust, water and damage, and provides puncture resistance.

    It's especially practical for wrapping and packaging extra-long or oddly-shaped products. You can make custom-sized bags to protect items by cutting the tubing to a desired length and then sealing the ends with a heat sealer.

    What is heat seal tubing used for?

    With a variety of uses and applications in many industries, it's most commonly used for producing flat, open polythene bags in the industrial workplace. Tubing on a roll has a double layer of plastic that opens into a tube. Heat seal tubing is printable, so you can customise it with your logos, labelling of contents or instructions. It is also sometimes used for temporary spouting and drainage.

    Types of heat seal tubing

    Heat seal tubing is available in a range of widths and thickness gauges


    Standard tubing is clear, while anti-static tubing is pink.

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