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    Base Layers

    Base layers are often worn under clothing and are ideal if you are working outdoors or in cold environments. Whether you're working baselayers are extremely important as they help you stay warm and dry throughout your activities without having to wear any bulky clothing. Base layers are designed to keep body warmth on chilly days as well as wick sweat away to avoid being cold. Base layers can also be used in warm environments as they can keep the body cool by effectively absorbing sweat away.

    RS have a range of lightweight base layers including thermal tops and thermal long johns which are available for men and women. They come in various sizes to meet all requirements for a comfortable fit.

    Why Choose a Base layer?

    Featuring a thermal base layer, thermal tops, base layers can protect you from various environment to enable you to continue to work effectively. Constructed from uniquely breathable materials such as merino wool that can provide insulation for body warm as well as ventilation. Base layers are usually long sleeved and are worn underneath all garments making them comfortable to wear all day whilst staying warm in the cold and cool in the heat.

    Available in a number of styles from short to long sleeve in women's, men's and unisex designs. All base layer’s varieties are available from RS in a variety of colours from some of the leading brands such as Helly Hansen and our own brand RS PRO.

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