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    Socks are worn on your feet and cover your ankles, although some are longer and can cover part of your lower calf. They provide added protection for your feet especially when shoes or boots are worn over the socks, especially for hard wearing areas on your feet such as the heel and toe areas where extra padding is required to avoid irritation of your skin. The extra thickness of material in these areas provide comfort, especially when wearing footwear within industrial environments for long periods.

    Protection Provided:

    • Added support to the heel and toe areas of the feet
    • Perspiration and humidity control
    • Protects your feet, ankles and calves
    • Protects your feet from extreme weather conditions – cold and heat
    • Elasticated at the ankle or calf to stop the sock from falling into footwear
    • Sizes to suit your shoe or boot size

    Sock Materials

    Socks are made from various materials many of which are man-made fibres:

    • Cotton – Keeps your feet cool
    • Wool – Keeps your feet warm in cold environments
    • Polyester – man-made fibre
    • Elastane – man-made stretchable elasticated fibre
    • Polypropylene
    • Nylon – man-made fibre
    • Elastodiene – elasticated fibre

    Lengths Available

    • Trainer socks – normally worn for athletic use or for added protection when wearing shoes where you do not want the socks to be visible. Especially preferred when wearing trainers or designer sports footwear.

    • Ankle Socks – not only protect your feet but your ankle area and normally worn with shoes and protective footwear. Elasticated at the ankle area.

      Calf length socks – added protection up to your mid-calf which is especially useful when wearing work boots and protective footwear.

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