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    Water Softeners

    Water Softeners

    The water quality in your home or place of business can differ depending on your location which is why it’s important to have a good quality water softening system. Using a water softener is so beneficial because it dramatically reduces contaminants and extends the life of your appliances such as boilers and kettles by reducing limescale build-up. Without a water softener, the effects of hard water can easily be recognised, common signs include staining on bathroom fixtures, mineral build-up in appliances, and corrosion.

    How does a water softener work?

    A water softener's primary purpose is to remove harmful minerals prior to the water reaching the taps. They are installed as part of a water plumbing system, chemical, and maintenance-free while operating at a low cost. During operation, a water softener utilises an ion exchange meaning the hardness ions (calcium and magnesium) are exchanged for salt ions. Water softeners need a supply of appropriate salt to make the required brine for regeneration purposes. Water passes through the resin vessel which traps limescale before being released during the regeneration cycle. Calcium ions 'exchange' with sodium ions and hard scales are removed.

    Types of water softeners

    Non-Electric Water Softener: Powerful water softeners that do not require an electrical supply. Offers effective ion exchange, dual tank mechanism, designed for responding to changes in water pressure. Includes an integral service meter for accurate measurement of the volume of softened water passing through the unit. Suitable for all types of systems: combi, pressurised, direct, high flow, vented, and mega-flow.

    Electric Water Softener: Metered water softeners that are programmable, allows you to easily adjust the water hardness level you require. Provides a continuous supply of soft water, which ensures your household water appliances are protected against limescale. Available in Maxi, Midi, and Mini sizes.

    Commercial Water Softener: Duplex water softener is commonly used in commercial applications. Made of two high-quality resin vessels that alternate service, continuous usage when one vessel needs to be regenerated. Provides ample supply of soft water and is particularly suitable for applications with variable or inconsistent water usage.


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    Water Softeners can help support a healthy building by improving Water Quality

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