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    Hydraulic Gear Pumps

    Hydraulic gear pumps are used in a wide range of industrial, domestic and commercial applications that utilise hydraulic and pump systems. We offer variety of high quality hydraulic gear pumps in a range of displacements, sizes and rotational speeds to suit your hydraulic powered needs.

    How do hydraulic gear pumps operate?

    Hydraulic gear pumps feature interlocking cogs and gears that rotate similar to a motor, allowing them to transfer fluids. The rotating components create a liquid seal in the enclosure of the pump via suction generated at the pump inlet. Gear pumps create a smooth and pulse-free flow, dependent on the rotational speed of the rotating gears. External gear pumps commonly utilise a motor to drive one of the gears, which in turn operates the second gear. Internal gear pumps also feature dual gears, however, this type of pump has a large gear (with teeth on the inside) that rotates a smaller gear inside.

    Why use a hydraulic gear pump?

    Hydraulic gear pumps feature a simple yet effective design, often utilising a self-priming design. In some cases hydraulic gear pumps can dry lift, however, this is not recommended for long periods of time. Hydraulic gear pumps require fluids to operate, making them ideal for high flow rate and pressure applications. This type of gear pump is available in either internal or external styles, with many also able to operate in both directions making them highly versatile.

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