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    Power Tool Kits

    Power tool kits are a great way to either start or expand your tool selection or to replace or upgrade existing tools in your collection. Having a tool kit that is all the same brand ensures that batteries typically work across all of the tools allowing for seamless use as well as the added benefit of only needing a single charger to charge all of your tools. Cordless power tool kits and cordless twin packs allow you to work without the restriction of cables and provide a more portable tool solution for remote jobs or work on the go.

    Types of Power Tool Kits

    RS have a range of power tool kits available, with a number of variations that suit the variety of jobs that need to be undertaken. Whether you require a kit with six tools for a comprehensive selection or you just need a twin pack to bolster your tool selection.

    Power tool kits are manufactured by some of the leading brands such as Makita, Bosch and DeWalt. Whether you're a carpenter, electrician or plumber you will find a power tool kit from RS.

    When buying kits to add to your current tool collection, ensure to check the series model as newer tools may have an updated to include a different form and/or charger interface.

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