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    Blow Torches

    A blow torch is a handheld tool also known by several other names, including a gas torch, a blowlamp or a gas blowtorch. They are designed to apply heat directly via a gas-fed or liquid fuel-fed naked flame for various applications, including metalwork and ironmongery, woodwork and paint removal. They are not used for combustion or welding applications, but can be used for pre-heating large pieces of metalwork before the welding process.

    At RS, we have a range of blow torches from industry leading brands, such as GCE and RS PRO.

    Both gas-fed and liquid fuelled blow torches will have a reservoir canister for their respective fuels that can be replaced or refilled once empty. For professional applications, gas torches may be used with different gases depending on the required flame temperature. An adjustable flame will also provide greater user control over the area of effect, allowing the flame to be directed towards specific points or, such as when pre-heating metal to be welded, cover a larger area.

    The gas used to power a blow torch maybe be one of the following:

    • Acetylene
    • Butane
    • Oxygen

    Typical Applications

    Blow torches are simple hand tools typically used to apply heat and flame to various applications. They are commonly used for brazing and soldering in metalwork and fabrication applications, including plumbing. They can also be used to heat bitumen or asphalt that will then be used to repair cracks in roads and other ground surfaces. Blow torches can even be used as a controlled yet fast method to melt snow and ice from pavements and driveways in extreme conditions.

    Blow torches are also used for other renovation and decoration purposes, including softening paint for removal and melting roof tar, and can be used in agriculture and gardening industries as a form of weed control by burning unwanted plant matter.

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