Hazard & Warning Signs & Labels

Hazard warning signs and labels are used to warn workers and the public about hazardous materials, environments and locations. The signs and labels ensure that they are aware of the danger. Hazard signs and labels are normally yellow with black text and images highlighting the hazard. Dependent on the hazard or warning the signs or labels can be a different colour or mix of colours.Regulations:CLP regulation Hazard pictograms (alert you to the presence of hazardous chemicals) - Diamond shaped, red border, white background black image.Prohibitory signs – round shape, black image, white background red border, red diagonal lineWarning signs – triangular shape, black image, yellow background, black borderMandatory signs – round shape, white image, blue backgroundEmergency escape signs – rectangular or square, white image, green backgroundFire-fighting signs – rectangular or square, white image, red backgroundYou can also have combination signs that include various types of warning on a single sign.BS EN ISO 7010, EN60417All hazard signs must comply with UK and EC legislationMounting Types: Floor Free hanging Free standing Glued Self-adhesive Rigid Some signs require a separate adhesive when they are not described as self-adhesive.Languages Available: English French German Japanese Spanish Multi-languageSigns and labels can contain various written texts explaining the hazard plus an image.Materials: Aluminium Fabric Foil Vinyl Paper Polycarbonate Plastic Thermoplastic Polypropylene PVCAll signs and warning labels can be bought in single amounts or in multi-packs packs, plus they are available in various sizes, diameter, height, width. Labels are available in rolls and they are normally peeled from a backing paper and self-adhesive. The rolls of labels inform you of how many labels are included within a single roll.

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Description Price Text Message Text Language Sign Description Material Colour Quantity Per Package Diameter Height Width Sign Type Photoluminescent Hazard Type Self-Adhesive
RS Stock No. 425-0647
Mfr. Part No.HBD110-500-200
Caution Wet Floor English Wet Floor PP Black/Yellow 1 - 615 mm 235mm Folding Sign - - No