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    Magnetic Door Locks

    Magnetic Door Locks ensure that doors close automatically and are securely closed. They are designed to suit a variety of domestic and commercial applications and offer solutions where a high-security level is required. Magnetic door holders are suitable for a range of applications, such as schools and hospitals, to form part of a high-quality security system.Where would a magnetic door lock be useful?

    • Magnetic door units can be required for use by both professionals using an access control system, and individuals intending to increase the safety of their property.
    • A magnetic door lock is necessary in a situation where a door must close automatically in the event of an emergency, for example in nursing homes, hospitals, schools, and industrial premises.
    • A magnetic lock may also be required in industrial automation and fire safety, for example locking doors in the event of fire alarms.

    How do magnetic locks work?Using an electromagnetic force, magnets can stop doors from opening, making them ideal for security purposes. In many cases, an armature plate is attached to a door, and the magnetic to the frame, keeping the door closed when required. Access control systems are operated using a device such as a keypad, switch or card reader, to allow or deny access permission.

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