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    Material Dispensers

    What are they?

    Material dispensers provide greater control than typical squeeze bottles. They can dispense low, medium and high viscosity fluids accurately and consistently.

    • Capacity ranges from 2ml to 30ml

    • Fluid dispensing systems helping improve manufacturing processes and dispense quality results


    • Digital dispenser - These user friendly fluid dispensing systems include a digital timer with a rotary control time knob for easy setup and a vacuum suck-back control for all viscosities of fluids.

    • Syringes and Cannulas – Sterile and disposable, ideal for first aid kits.

    • Syringe Barrels – Manufactured to the highest possible quality for delivering exceptional dispensing performance and consistency. Free of silicone contaminates and imperfections. Barrels are designed for use with pneumatic dispensing equipment or manual plungers. They are thick walled with wide flanges and designed for high pressure. For pastes, adhesives, solvents, epoxies, RTVs, silicones, PVAs, inks & gels.


    • Medical

    • Industrial

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