Test Leads

Our quality, dependable test leads, probes and connector kits come in a broad array of commonly used sizes and configurations, ideal for many types of electrical testing apparatus and equipment. These include numerous versatile variants of both 2mm and 4mm safety measuring lead systems, as well as multiple options for crocodile clip connectors, patch cords, probes, multi-lead connector kits, and a choice of handy accessories.

We source our testing lead products from trusted manufacturers including Fluke, Hirschmann, Mueller, Schutzinger and Multi Contact, as well as offering our own brand RS PRO line to ensure consistently reliable performance and results across a range of testing applications.

Why is it important to choose the right test leads for different jobs?

The full catalogue of test leads and related products available on our site includes:

  • 0.64mm, 1mm, 2mm and 4mm Connector Test Leads

  • 4mm Test Probe Leads - available in both needle probe and spring probe variants

  • BNC Test Leads

  • Clip Connector Test Leads - quality crocodile clip leads come in different safety categories (CAT II, CAT III etc) and voltage ratings, as well as a range of jaw sizes

  • Coaxial Test Leads

  • Patch Cords

  • Test Lead & Connector Kits - these contain various different types of test leads and connection attachments, for optimal flexibility

  • Test Lead Extension Reels - ideal for testing at distance

  • Test Lead Racks - a handy solution for tidy storage of modular leads, probes and connector clips

Most test leads are typically designed to be used with multimeters for checking parameters like voltage, current and capacitance.

Choosing the appropriate type of test lead for the checks , functions and device types you’re working with is vital for achieving both accurate results and overall user safety. Ensure you know which leads are compatible with the testers you’re using before connecting to DUTs (devices under test).

The best choice of test lead for your safety system and verification needs will depend on device types, voltages and more, with the main aim being to create a safe and accurate setup when used with various types of compatible electrical testing apparatus.

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