Cordless Angle Grinders

Angle grinders are a handheld tool that use a rotating disc for cutting, grinding and polishing. Cordless angle grinders can be either petrol or battery operated, and have the advantage of full portability and mobility unrestricted by the need for a power point or generator. As such, cordless grinders are commonly used on construction sites for anything from cutting tiles and slabs, to reshaping metal.The RS Components range of cordless angle grinders offers reliable models from trusted brands, such as Bosch, DeWalt and Makita.Which Cordless Angle Grinder?When considering which cordless angle grinder to buy, it is important to consider your intended applications and the capabilities of the tool.The first consideration is which disc size the angle grinder is capable of carrying. Larger discs are typically used for heavy duty applications, with smaller discs used for finer work. Usually, there are discs specifically suited to cutting applications, and discs suited to abrasive applications.Another consideration is the maximum no load speed of the grinder. This is important, as it must match the capabilities of your disc. Using the wrong disc at the wrong speed can not only put undue stress on your angle grinder, but may result in personal injury.Why Go Cordless?The principal advantage of a cordless grinder is its mobility. Grinders are versatile tools, and as such benefit from being as portable as possible. Though they may not have the same maximum power as corded versions, or sustain that power as readily, cordless grinders do not have to be tethered to a power point and are easier to store.For heavy duty applications, petrol powered angle grinders are often used. However, grinders powered by li-ion batteries are considered safer, more manageable, and suited to more intricate workSafe Operation of Your Cordless Angle GrinderCordless grinders are designed for two handed operation, with a steadying side handle and guard to protect from shrapnel and sparks that may be thrown up from the disc grinding on a surface. Whether youre cutting or grinding, be sure you are holding the tool with both hands at all times.As well as making sure you have the correct size disc for your grinder, and the correct type of disc for the materials you are working on, you should also always inspect your disc for damage before use.As with most power tools, appropriate PPE should be used when operating an angle grinder.

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Description Price Speed Voltage Rating Battery Type Battery Capacity Battery Charge Time Weight Length Plug Type Disc Size Model Number
RS Stock No. 385-465
Mfr. Part No.DGA452Z
10000rpm 18V Body Only - 22min 2.3kg 317.5mm Type G - British 3-pin 115mm DGA452Z
RS Stock No. 812-9950
Mfr. Part No.DGD800Z
25000rpm 18V Li-ion - 22min 2kg - - - BGD800Z