Cordless Circular Saws

What is a cordless Circular Saw?The cordless version of a standard circular saw features all the usual features without the need for a mains power source. Made up of a small high power often brushless motor, a trigger and a circular multi-tooth blade all housed in a metal and plastic construction. Cordless circular saws are lightweight and portable, perfect for cutting wood both in a workshop and on a job site. Their variable cut depth and cutting angle allows them to be versatile enough to work with both timber lengths and sheet woods such as ply and MDF whilst making quick and light work cutting timber lengths such as stud and frame wood. What blade do I need?Interchangeable saw blades allow for different cut finishes as well as the ability to cut different material types. Blades are rated with a number of teeth value, this number relates to the type of finish left when using the saw. A lower tooth count will be a faster cutting blade but result in a rougher finish whereas a higher tooth count provides a slightly slower cutting blade but with a cleaner, higher quality finish. For example, a 40-tooth blade is a great general purpose blade for fast rough cutting wood, whereas an 80-tooth blade offers a cleaner higher quality finish. Circular saw blades come in a range of diameters, always ensure to use only the correct size blade within a saw to enable safe working conditions. Circular saws also have a range of arbor sizes, an arbor is the centre column a blade sits around and it fixed down to. A blade must have the same size arbor or be fitted with an arbor spacer to create a firm and centred placement in the saw. Battery benefitsLithium-ion or Li-ion batteries provide long-lasting and reliable power to the saw and with battery advancements, the lighter weight battery provides enough power for the job whilst making a light and easy to manoeuvre tool. Most battery power tools within a single brand range are interchangeable making it easy to build up an array of tools utilising the same battery technology. Body Only options are available for users that already own a compatible battery to help cut costs as well as to limit excessive amount of additional batteries within a collection.

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Description Price Series Battery Type Arbor Diameter Blade Diameter Cutting Depth Maximum Speed Model Number Voltage Weight
RS Stock No. 812-9938
Mfr. Part No.DSS611Z
- Li-ion - - 57 mm - DSS611Z - -
RS Stock No. 188-7070
Mfr. Part No.HS301DZ
CXT Li-ion 15mm 85mm 16.5 (45°) mm, 25.5 (90°) mm - - 10.8V 1.6 1.7kg
RS Stock No. 194-6508
Mfr. Part No.DRS780Z
- Li-ion - 185mm - 5100rpm DRS780 36V 5.6kg