Mechanical Pullers

Mechanical pullers are used to remove or replace bearings, pulleys couplings and other parts that fit closely together. They are most commonly used to remove tapered bearings from a rotating shaft, such as in a car's transmission.

The benefits of using a mechanical puller

Mechanical pullers are important as they can remove the bearings and pulleys etc. without the need to dismantle machinery or remove the running shaft.

Types of mechanical pullers

Mechanical pullers have claws and a centre forcing screw which allows them to remove the parts easily. They are available with two or three arms:

  • Two-arm models are for use in confined spaces
  • Three-arm models help to ensure equal distribution of load, offer a secure hold on parts and a concentric pulling action.

There are also slide hammer-style mechanical pullers which are used for extracting ball bearings in tight or confined spaces where it is not possible to use a standard puller, and grip clamp extractors for high-power extraction when removing gear wheels or magnetic flywheels.

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