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A wide and varied range across technologies and industrial uses that works together to deliver improved energy savings and efficiency. Discover our solar panel solutions, smart lighting options and high-efficiency power supplies.

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Renewable Energy Solutions

A complete set of components to build your solar energy solutions.

Renewable Energy Solutions


Keep your business running and your power on. A choice of Uninterruptible Power Supplies by RS PRO.

High Efficiency Power Supplies

Thermal Imaging Camera

A versatile thermal imager which can assist technicians in locating heat leaks and thermal loss in buildings and other applications.

Thermal Imaging Camera

LED Flood Lights

An ample choice of LED lights with a vast range of voltages, high-IP graded, available also in dimmable versions.

LED Flood Lights

Solar Connectors

A specialised range of connectors for solar panels, batteries and junction boxes, with built in strain relief and interlocks.

Solar Connectors

Energy Meters

An industrial-standard range of multifunction programmable devices for monitoring energy expenditure across your industrial application.

Energy Meters
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Energy Efficiency Solutions

Follow our RS PRO-BOT as he zooms around, optimising, replacing and upgrading components to create an energy-efficient solution for industry.

Energy Efficiency Range Guide

Energy Efficiency Range Guide
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