Passive Components

Complete your energy efficient or sustainable design with our comprehensive, wide range of components, from trusted brands, including resistors, varistors, inductors, capacitors, filters, ferrites, oscillators, surge protection, rotary encoders plus sounder, buzzer and microphone components.

Range highlights for Capacitors, Resistors & Varistors

IsoMOV™ Series Varistors

The Bournes IsoMOV™ varistor series is ideally suited for AC/DC power applications with low capacitance and high energy handling density.

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B41/B43xx Aluminium Capacitors

Explore EPCOS' low (B41xx) and high-voltage (B43xx) series of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, both snap-in and screw terminal variations.

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SVT Aluminium Capacitors

The Panasonic Polymer Aluminium solid capacitors from SVT series with low ESR and large capacitance are ideal for industrial applications.

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ZS Aluminium Capacitors

The Panasonic ZS series conductive polymer hybrid aluminium electrolytic capacitors with capacitance ranges up to 560 μF.

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ZT Aluminium Capacitors

The Panasonic ZT series conductive polymer hybrid aluminium electrolytic capacitors with capacitance ranges up to 330 μF.

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ECQUB Film Capacitors

Panasonic ECQUB Metallized Polypropylene film capacitors with safety function and flame-retardant plastic case and non-combustible resin.

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MKP1847C Film Capacitors

The Vishay MKP1847C metalized polypropylene film capacitor is suitable for applications such as AC filtering, UPS systems and more.

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AVHT Varistors

These Bourns AVHT Series multilayered varistors are transient suppressors with temperature independent suppression characteristics.

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ZV Varistors

The Bourns ZV series varistors is designed to protect sensitive electronic devices against high voltage surges in the low voltage region.

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X7R MLCC Capacitors

Yageo X7R Surface-Mount Ceramic Multilayer capacitors are available with lead-free terminals and suited for general-purpose applications.

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SMK SMD Resistors

Isabellenhutte SMK series two terminal, surface mount resistors are based on ISA-Plan® foil technology, available in a variety of values.

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RC_L Resistors

The Yageo RC_L series of general-purpose chip resistors with lead free terminations made by thick film process.

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RN73R SMD Resistors

The KOA RN73R series of surface-mount, metal film resistors is suitable for control circuits in various industrial equipment.

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FSR Force Sensors

The Ohmite FSR series exhibits the unique characteristic of dynamic resistance related to the amount of applied force.

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KNC Resistors

The Vitrohm KNC series of through-hole resistors in a ceramic case demonstrating very low inductance and high power-to-size ratio.

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MPX Inductors

The KEMET MPX metal composite inductors are ideal for use in DC to DC switching power supplies, as power inductors and EMI filter inductors.

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