WEEE Directive and RS

Radionics Ltd. is registered as a producer and distributor of products subject to the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2005 (WEEE Directive); Registration No. 00368WB.

Some of the products shown on our web site and in our catalogue are subject to Visible Environmental Management Costs associated with the Producer Recycling Fund. The prices shown for such products include these charges exclusive of VAT.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) is accepted free of charge at our Trade Counter when we have supplied electrical and electronic equipment to the customer, on a one for one equivalent basis within 15 days from date of invoice.

WEEE Directive PRF – (Producer Recycling Fund) Valid as of 31st January 2011

  Examples PRF
Large Appliances Stoves €1.00
Medium Appliances Microwaves, Electric Radiators
Air Conditioning / Climate Control stand alone units, Hot plates
Small Appliances I Fans, Fan heaters, Water heaters €0.00
Small Appliances II Vacuum Cleaners, Extraction Systems No visible charge
Personal Appliances I Clocks / Stopwatches No visible charge
Personal Appliances II Miscellaneous No visible charge
Large Consumer Equipment Televisions No visible charge
Medium Consumer Equipment Video, DVD, Hi-Fi, Musical No visible charge
Small Consumer Equipment CD/ Mini Disk/ MP3
Digital Camera
No visible charge
Minor Consumer Equipment Chargers/ Microphones No visible charge
Lighting Lamps Non CFLS No visible charge
Lighting Lamps CFLS No visible charge
Lighting Luminaries All luminaries supplied by RS No visible charge
Electrical & Electronic Goods Drills/ Saws/ Screw guns Sanders/ Cutters/ Soldering/ Welding/ Glue guns/ Cleaners/ Pumps etc. No visible charge
Test & Measurement Monitoring & Control Multimeters/ Lab equipment/ Oscilloscopes No visible charge
Information Technology PC Components/ Peripherals/ Telephones No visible charge

Battery Directive and RS

Waste Batteries must never be placed in your waste disposal or recycling bins. As part of European Directives we are obliged to organise the collection of waste batteries and accumulators (rechargeable batteries) for recycling. Waste batteries similar to the batteries we supply can be dropped off FREE OF CHARGE and with no obligation to purchase at our Trade Counter. We don't accept leaking batteries or more the 5kg at a time. Waste batteries can also be dropped off FREE OF CHARGE to your local Civic Amenity Site.

Please refer to www.weeeireland.ie for any further information you require on the WEEE Directive.

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